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Just Accept It

God's gift of salvation and eternal life, made possible by the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, really is indescribable. The apostle couldn't have said it any better. Oh, we can try to describe it, but it's such a great gift that we can't begin to comprehend the love that would cause the Father and Son to agree to such a sacrifice. Jesus came to our sin-darkened world to live a perfect, righteous life and die the death that we deserve--all so that we may have His righteousness and live forever with Him in heaven. Truly, that is an indescribable gift!

I've met a lot of people who are trying to earn salvation. They try with all their might to be good in their own strength and willpower, but I'm here to tell you that you can't ever be good enough to deserve salvation. That is why God offers it to you as a gift. You do not deserve a gift. You do not earn a gift. You accept a gift. That's what God wants you to do with the gift He offers you. Just accept it. He wants to save you, and He will--if you will just let Him. Just accept the eternal life He offers.

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